Tuesday, December 16, 2003

How do you spell Hypocrisy? O-S-C-E - by Mark Ames

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One of the few non-russian analysts worth reading on Russian (and ex-USSR) matters, Mark Ames, on OSCE assessments of recent russian elections. Read it! this guy has the added advantage of not being able to write a boring sentence if you paid him.

You see the OSCE condemned the recent (undemocratic) Russian elections while conveniently forgetting that the previous elections it "approved" were just as bad:

...the supposedly "bad" 2003 elections were not significantly less democratic than the "good" 2000 presidential elections, or indeed the 1996 presidential elections, which the OSCE enthusiastically approved.

"I would maybe say that the 2003 elections were even a little better," said analyst Boris Kagarlitsky. "But there is one interesting point. This time, most of the votes that were stolen were stolen from the liberal parties [as opposed to being stolen from the Communists]."

NGO's as Western patsies, whoda thunk it...?

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