Thursday, April 8, 2004

Easter break and football

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I'll be off-line and off city limits for a week or so. Happy Easter to all the people reading this. I'll be back with more than a few words on Cyprus among other things, words which I might actually be sharing with Living in Europe, an excellent project, despite my participation I assure you.
But let me take this festive opportunity to wander off from the horrible events that are happenning, and rejoyce briefly at the destruction of Sylvio's (Il Duce II) team at the hands of the brilliant La Coruna, which - coupled with the defeat of the team with a budget the size of the GDP of Argentina or something, makes this year's CL even more interesting than usual.
The only bad news is the fact that the Russian Mafioso's team made it as well - each Chelsea transfer is payed by the transfer of 0.5 % of the Russian GDP approximately to various teams in Europe and beyond.
But one can root for a Monaco - Porto final, can't one?

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talos said...

old commentsDavid Tileyenjoy.

Young Fogey:
Didn't you know that Chelsea are a giant money laundering operation for Mr. Abramovich?Actually I have no evidence for this. But let's be honest, would you be surprised?

Young Fogey: Would anyone be surprised? I never liked Chelsea anyway! For some weird reason I'm a Liverpool fan as far as British teams are concerned.2004-04-27 17:32

Well… speak of wishes coming true!