Friday, May 21, 2004

The Djindjic case revisited

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I was aware of a number of Djindjic assassination conspiracy theories, but the one reported at Draxblog was the wildest; the claim was that:
"the assassination was supposed to be staged as a pretext for huge purge against organised crime (which was conducted following the assassination). According to Legija, the fake assassination was part of the deal with Đinđić – only the prime minister's bodyguard was supposed to get killed. However, mysterious third party got involved and made sure that Serbian prime minister gets killed instead..."

It seemed like a hilarious story. Until I realized that it wasn't just a story... First of all the British Helsinki Human Rights Group in an analysis of the events surrounding the murder of Zoran Djindjic, remarked that:
It was puzzling that a cameraman had managed to be conveniently situated outside the government building to record the moment Dr. Djindjic was shot. There were no special events scheduled for the 12th March - the prime minister was only arriving for work as usual. Even stranger, was the fact that the security cameras covering the entrance and scene of the crime had been switched off.

Now Legija, a mafioso / paramilitary thug, possibly involved in most, if not all, of Milosevic's dirty work and his downfall, surprised everyone by surrendering to the authorities three weeks ago. Around that time Kostunica's DPS and Zoran Djinjic's mother, directly accused the deceased's party of plotting the execution!

So it remains to be seen if actual politics in the Balkans are more conspiratorial than wild conspiracy theories elsewhere.

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