Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Here we go again...

/ deja vu / all over again
Can they sell this sort of nonsense again?? The Iranians are supposed to be connected with ex-CIA asset Osama bin Laden, a Wahabbi of the most fanatical variety - exactly, I suppose, as the Iraqis were supposed to be in cahoots with Al Qaida - as was so conclusively proven in the aftermath of the US invasion by all sorts of stuff Cheney knows but won't even tell the US congress' 9/11 commission...
Let aside the fact that anyone casually cognizant of what was going on in Afghanistan before 9/11 knows that there was an enormous antagonism between the Taliban (the Wahabi sects) and Iran - and generally between (Sunni) Wahabism and Iran's (Shi'a) Islamic Revolution. This antagonism seems to have recently turned into a real conflict in Yemen. Also, again very recently, a top Lebanese Hezbollah man was murdered by an extreme (and I mean extreme) Sunni group, Jund Al Sham, which detests Shiites and Iran and "is headed by Imad Yassin, a dropout from Abu Mohjen's Osbat Al Ansar which has long been blacklisted by the United States as a terrorist faction linked to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network."

Yet they will try to flog this particular dead horse for as long as they can... only because... they don't want you to learn the shocking truth!!!!

(I am worried that even signs of a possible US agression will hurt the Iranian pro-democracy movement - and I don't mean the Pahlavi fascists - more than any mullah can... But I guess that's an added bonus for the US administration)

Update 22/07/04: Hey don't listen to me... Listen to the expert:

So then you come to me and say that in 2000 and 2001, Iran was actively helping al-Qaeda and was trying to ally with it. And I say, that sounds to me like complete gibberish and I would only accept it if you show me excellent documentary proof.

It would be like saying that you had evidence that Roosevelt let German Nazi agents cross the United States to carry out an operation against Mao's forces in China during World War II. Well, on the face of it, the fascists would not have wanted the Communists to get China, so such a covert operation wouldn't be out of the question. And the US would certainly have in principle welcomed anything that would have helped the Nationalists. So you could argue yourself into thinking that the proposition isn't completely crazy. But if you just step back, you can see that geo-political speculation doesn't carry much weight in such a situation, and the whole idea is obviously crazy. That is how I feel about the idea that Khamenei cozied up to Bin Laden.

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