Tuesday, October 5, 2004

A message from February, 2003

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This from a communique of the Workers Communist Party of Iraq, just before the invasion started. This is a group that is very much against the occupation, but very much against the Islamist and Baathist resistance. They seem to have the gift of seeing the future (or maybe guessing the consequences of the invasion wasn't that hard...):

"This war is not about fighting terrorism. Terrorism will only increase as a result of this war. This war and its aftermath will provide another grievance and another excuse for Islamic terrorists to exploit for many years to come for their own horrific and reactionary ends – just as they have been doing with the injustices against the Palestinian people...

...The reactionary opposition groupings in Iraq, the monarchists, Islamists, Kurdish nationalist gangs and former army officers and secret service agents of the Iraqi regime, are not the representatives of the Iraqi people. They are warlords and self-appointed rulers who already have a dark and bloody record of repression against the people of Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan. They are not the ‘liberators’ of the people of Iraq. They are, rather, the new Iraqi Contras - armed and financed by the CIA and Pentagon and/or various repressive regional states such as the Islamic regime in Iran. A devastating war and the unleashing of these forces is the grim future being planned by Bush and Blair for the Iraqi people."

This was a, clearly visible, looming catastrophe...

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