Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Wildest blog in the wild South East

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As I had noted a week ago, just about, this blog was a contender for the Fistful of Euros, Satin Pajama awards for the European blogosphere. I mentioned it on my (much more visited) greek blog as well, and the result was a patriotic response which helped propel me to the top of the "Best Southestern European Blog" category - with the help of an endorsement (thanks Michael!) by the eventual winner of the big one: the "Best European Blog" category, The Glory of Carniola - and almost won me the "Most Deserving of Wider Recognition" category, (a rather self contradictory category in which it was assured that the blogs that already had wide recognition would fare better than the others...) anyway, greek blogospheric solidarity was not enough, cooler minds prevailed and the very deserving Non Tibi Spiro took that prize.

Of course had either Carniola been in the list (not Southeastern enough?) or Halfway down the Danube (its owners were among the Fistful), it would have been rather improbable that this humblest of blogs would have prevailed.

But anyway, you are now reading the regional champion blog for SE Europe. Rejoice! And go take a look at the other nominees and winners....


Eric Gordy said...

Congratulations to you and your humble blog!

Seesaw said...

Congatulations, from me also.

dystropoppygus said...


Michael M. said...

Congratulations on your victory -- it was well-deserved. I've been a fan of your writing ever since I joined Metafilter back in 2002 and noticed that you were consistently posting great, way-above-par comments. I don't remember exactly when I moved over to your blog and started reading that, but I know that I've been greatly enjoying it ever since. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

_Halfway Down the Danube_ wasn't eligible. Since the AFoE board was judging the contest, AFoE board members' blogs were not placed in competition.

In all seriousness, and without false humility, I doubt we would have won. Some very tough competition there.

Anyway: congratulations!

Doug M.

P.S. I'm halfway through the Kosovo thing. It's very interesting reading! Slow going in part because I'm scribbling in the margins a lot.

Guy said...

Thank you for your kind words and, most of all, congratulations with your win in a far more important category. You'll be one of the fine blogs that I discovered and shall add to my blogroll (and that I shall check out regularly).

Anonymous said...

So great to be reminded of terrific Eurobloggingses.

Its too easy to think the Americans run the virtual world.

And I happen to think - since I found this blog all by myself from the other side of the world and I know I have Perfect Taste and Ultimate Political Wisdom - that this is a bloody good blog with no need for self deprecation at all at all.

- barista

CrazyMonkey said...


(επιρρεασμένος από το Devil's Dictionary)
The civility of envy.

talos said...

Thanks everybody.

Michael, given the fact that you almost started a war, despite your efforts to the contrary, I am in awe. You have the archetrypal blog - and what can you say about the fan base of someone who actively campaigns for hia opponent - yet still manages to win!

Eric, Seesaw we'll talk at the carnival as soon as as I finish the mountain of work in front of me!

Guy, yes the whole point I think of the awards was to make the European blogsphere aware of itself. I have a whole list of new blogs to add, adter I climb the mountain of papers mentioned previously!

Doug: You *are* being too modest. Anyway I await your final reading of General Wesley Clark's great idea so we can argue endlessly about it.

Dystropoppygus, Crazy Monkey, thanks - and to the rest of the Greek blogosphere as well.

Barista: when and where is the Aussie blogfest - and have you not won it yet?

Anonymous said...

The Australian blog awards have just been held, and the results are here.

I am apparently the best Victorian blog, which has a certain symmetry with the "Best Southeastern European Blog" since ours is a small Southeastern state with a lot of Greek people.

The winners are worth a look. The blog culture of Australia is developing in distinctive ways. A lot of wit, a lot of elegance, some fantastic fights and world class dirty talk. World leaders, actually.

- barista