Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Easter Break

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I'll be off for a week or so for Easter. I know that a lot of you don't realize, but Greek Orthodox Easter doesn't always coincide with the Catholic Easter, since the Greek Church, after reluctantly agreeing to accept the Gregorian solar calander (there were quite a few who rejected even that) in the 20s - declined to adopt the fixed lunar calander as well, as concessions to the "heresiarch of Rome" have their limits.
So as I'm away from any screens at all for a while - in the meantime you can explore the delights of the Ecclesiastical Calendars. Thus, you can get an idea of how the popish minions stole real Easter...

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varske said...

Thanks for your link on calculating Easter. I'm used to varying Western and Eastern Easters as I have lived in Ukraine and now Athens. But I've never seen an explanation of the calculations to explain to my kids.