Monday, May 30, 2005

La France dit non au projet de Constitution européenne: the exit polls

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These are some rather interesting exit poll data on yesterday's European Constitution referendum in France, concerning who voted for what and why. Required reading before jumping to unfounded generalizations and intepretations. Note that a clear majority of the Non voters are in favor of the European project...

Also: the geography of the Yes and No votes.

Via various metafilter threads.

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DoDo said...

Strange. So Turkey, national sovereignity and slapping Chirac weren't the top reasons as in much of the media spin. But the top reason wasn't too much economic liberalism either - instead, a rather irrational-sounding general bad feeling about social and economic state of France.

On second thought, the irrational element is those choosing this option minus the too much economic liberalism option. That would be - All: 12%, PCF: 0%, PS: 5%, Verts: 9%, UDF: 33%, UMP: 5%, FN: 36%. Makes more sense.

What doesn't make sense is 43% of PCF "Non" voters not thinking there is too much economic liberalism in it.