Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Help build Independent World Television!

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This is a project that aims to create a "Left CNN", based on individual contributions through the internet. The project's originator, Paul Jay, aims for "No corporate ownership. No corporate underwriting. No government funding. No commercial advertising."

The basic idea as stated in the project's web page (linked above, from this post's title):

The Problem

Serious news and full-spectrum debate—on which democracy depends—are disappearing from television. Across the globe, news media ownership is concentrated in the hands of a few entertainment conglomerates whose interests determine news coverage. They promote superficial "infotainment" over tough investigation, context and holding authority accountable. Public broadcasters face shrinking budgets and growing political and commercial pressures.

The Solution

We must change the economics of journalism.

We need a news and current affairs network which defends the public interest and the highest standards of journalism. Independent World Television will be such a network -- a non-profit broadcast service financed by its viewers across the globe, independent of corporate or government funding and commercial advertising.

Why Hasn't This Happened Before?

There were no means to directly engage people around the world to raise the funds. Now, the Internet allows millions to band together and raise capital to compete with corporate media outlets. Think of the 15 million people worldwide who demonstrated against war in Iraq on one day in 2003. Think of the Internet fundraising successes of MoveOn.org and the Howard Dean presidential campaign (senior Dean fundraisers are organizing IWTnews' fundraising campaign)...

More here [pdf file]
You can contribute here, and I'm planning to do just that soon, even though I'm not certain that I'd be able to view this network in Greece. It's something that's interesting both politically and as a way to finance alternative projects. Plus, the Founding Advisory Committee list is quite impressive and reassuring that my money will be as well spent as possible...

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