Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Africa: a pretty clear message

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Five African football teams all set to travel to the UK on Monday 19 July take part in the Homeless World Cup, the global street soccer tournament kicking off global poverty, have been refused entry to the UK by the British government. Just days before they were due to travel to Edinburgh for the event, entry is refused on the basis that they do not have sufficient funds to support themselves whilst visiting the UK.

As tournament director Mel Young pointed out:

"To deny homeless people access to the UK on the basis that they are too poor is ridiculous."

Mr Young said the controversy "raises some serious questions" about the government's pledges to fight poverty in Africa.

The mind boggles...


Διπλωματικός Λαθρεπιβάτης said...

well... it was government's pledges, no?

i'm sure they meant "visible africa", not just any african country.

i'm tired with the hypocrisy..

kkk said...

Your ability to spot stuff like this - that's what makes your blog the top read it is, talos!

I am not going to Edinburgh this year, but I hope a whole bunch of people up there pick up this particular ball and do something interesting with it!

Not impossible, you know, Brits can get quite sentimental about football.