Thursday, September 29, 2005

JG Ballard on "A History of Violence"

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A JG Ballard review of David Croneberg's upcoming film A History of Violence" (trailer), hardly could escape mention in this blog. I can't wait... Excerpt:

...Existence, in Cronenberg's eyes, is the ultimate pathological state. He sees us as fragile creatures with only a sketchy idea of who we are, nervous of testing our physical and mental limits. The characters in Cronenberg's films behave as if they are inhabiting their minds and bodies for the first time at the moment we observe them, fumbling with the controls like drivers in a strange vehicle. Will it rise vertically into the air, invert itself, or suddenly self-destruct?

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Κωστής said...

Actually, I'd refrain from reading too many reviews. I'd read the NYT or Ebert one, can't quite recall, and I couldn't help but overanalyze while watching the movie. It kind of ruined it for me. Then again, it may just be me.