Monday, January 30, 2006

Surfer notes

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  • Bernard Chazelle: France's Colonial Blowback: This seems brilliant to me, it's certainly well written and to the point, corresponding to (and certainly expanding) my impressions and what I hear from France. The riots, equality and rap. The author: Bernard Chazelle, computer scientist, good sense of humor and politics (judging from his home page and essays at least).

  • My kind of cabinet, Bolivia:

    Among the Cabinet members is a former miner who wears his helmet to all public functions, including his swearing-in. A former domestic worker who suffered abuse at the hands of her employer will be justice minister. And a peasant organizer who specialized in fostering small and family businesses will be in charge of economic development.

    Morales also hired a coca grower in charge of anti drug trafficking and halved his own salary. What's not to like? Plus: an interview with Bolivia's new energy minister

  • Nearby, another storm brewing?

  • And, finally, it's always news when Chomsky [pdf] makes the World Economic Forum's magazine.
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