Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cartoon riots - the next step

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I'm fed up with the daily insults and misrepresentations that a certain religious cartoonist spins about science and rationality, promoting a most vile sort of fundamentalism. This makes me want to riot. This makes me want to violently demonstrate outside a church (I'd add "burning crosses" but that has acquired rather different connotations) clutching a copy of Darwin's "On the Origin of Species". Thankfully I'm not alone: Scientists around the world are rioting in protest of a cartoon religious pamphlet!...

The riots are brought to you via one of the world's funniest cartoonists, a favourite of mine, Tim Kreider, whose site "The Pain" I just discovered via Aetiology, a superb weblog I have recently ran across and which, among other things, has a very informative discussion about the H5N1 bird flu virus with related links to other blogs, proving conclusively that you can learn more from science blogs about science issues than from most of the non-scientific press. Aetiology is one of the Science Blogs, a compendium which includes a huge variety of really informative science weblogs. This was in turn brought to my attention via the indispensable Open Science weblog.

Check them out... In the meantime I prepare to join the rioting scientists by burning an effigy of some religious icon or another and carrying a sign about the churches' bloody anti-science crusade in centuries past.

[About the current riots in muslim countries, perhaps later.]


Renegade Eye said...

I can relate to that. Drive capitalism from the Earth, and God from the sky!

Litmus said...

Yes, this shit is pretty depressing. Also, you should take a look at the Margaret Talbot article in the December 5th New Yorker if you can and haven't already. It's an amusing account of the ID vs. Evolution court case, and gives one hope.

kkk said...


I've just checked out those "Chick" cartoons - they are absolute Art!!!

Can't understand your negative take on them - don't tell me you're losing your sensayuma.

They deserve to be displayed prominently in any anthropological museum along with other primitive peoples' beliefs, like "Ubungu-Bungu", "Kilibob", "Dodecatheism", and so on...

Me, I'm thinking of framing them and putting them up next to the African masks I have from the Congo.