Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Darfur, an analysis

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As the Sudanese government has finally accepted a UN presence in Darfur, I'd like to bring to your attention this rather detailed analysis of the situation in Darfur by the (small but still a target in Sudan) Communist Party of the Sudan, which is refreshingly free of the pseudo-marxist rhetoric that plagues not a few of the Communist Parties of the world, and seems to make valid and informative points and proposals in general. It also offers quite a bit of context and background regarding the history and the recent developements in the area.

My knowledge of the situation in Darfur is whatever I get from the world media, which isn't saying much, but the analysis offered by the CPS, seems quite a bit more detailed and subtle than your average media commentary.

The continuous marginalization of Darfur since independence, and the letdown by the traditional political forces who failed to fulfill the demands of the people of Darfur, in addition to the policies of the Islamic Front government which are marked with violence and suppression: all these factor encouraged the youth of the tribes in the region to organize themselves and rebel against the status quo through the waging of armed resistance to achieve the rights of the Darfurian people to an equitable sharing of power and wealth, within the frame of a united Sudan.

On the other hand, the policy of the partial approach to the problems of the Sudan which was imposed on the country by the international community through concentrating on the civil war in Southern Sudan and recognizing as the only negotiators the armed group SPLA and the Khartoum government encouraged other regions to wage rebellion since it was seen as the only way to attract attention to their demands. Thus the region of Darfur witnesses a true civil war that raises the slogans of genuine political, social and economical equality and justice.

For another look at the developments in Sudan regarding Darfur, see also this recent Al Ahram Weekly aricle.

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