Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Iraqi Resistance Website

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According to the people (person?) that runs it, this is "a personal site which has been on the net since April 2003", forced by events to change character. It includes regular resistance reports (this is the latest Iraqi Resistance Report, Dec. 18 - Dec. 21).
The whole rhetoric of the site, sort of reminds me of the Communist Party of Iraq (Cadre), a recent splinter group from the collaborationist CPI. I might be completely wrong though, who knows? (Update: Uhmmm, more likely a Ba'athist site it seems - although they seem to have removed a Saddamic eulogy, again who knows? - I guessed CPI(Cadre) because I've seen resistance reports originating from that group somewhere on the web. I might be totally off-base).
Anyway, the CPI (cadre) website, has this report about Saddam's current state of mind. The old tyrant is losing it...

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