Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hot on eBay: Titan Missile Base Central Washington

/ Bargains : Cold War Missile Base /

For only $1,5 million bucks (that's about 1,25 million Euros) you too can own a Titan Missile Base!

57 acres more or less

16 UNDERGROUND buildings including

3 - 160' Tall Missile Silo

3 - (4 story) Equipment Terminal Bldgs

2 - Antenna Silos

100' Diameter Control Dome Bldg.

125' Diameter Power Dome Bldg.

TERMS: $300,000 down

balance @ 7% interest only all due in 3 years


$10,000 escrowed earnest money required - contingent upon inspection.

Check out the Silo's site and learn more about Cold War Missile Bases at SiloWorld!

According to the Strategy Page:

Hundreds of ICBM silos have been sold off in the last twenty years, as new missile forces were reduced with the end of the Cold War, and the enactment of arms reduction treaties.

The site warns however that

...No one has found an economically useful function for demilitarized missile silos, but the allure is still there, and people still buy them...

... which is not completely accurate as, apparently, there is the option of turning them into homes, a prospect not without certain difficulties, since:

...The interior receives little or no natural light (unless, for example, you replace the gigantic hatches and doors with skylights). Your cell phone and radio probably won’t work inside. And you’ll have to spend an enormous amount of money to make the silo habitable if someone else hasn’t already done so. (One major complication: some of the silos filled with water over the years, becoming in effect giant wells.)

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