Monday, September 26, 2011

This is what austerity looks like

Police used massive and disproportionate violence to prevent a peaceful gathering of protesters against its indiscriminate and irrational tax policies in Syntagma square yesterday. It is obvious that the right to peaceful assembly is compromised in this country. The TV channels (private and public - all *state TV* though - downplayed the event and did not show images from the protest and its violent dispersal. The government intervened yesterday to prevent student protesters who stormed Greek public TV studios, from stating their grievances on public TV. The right to free speech is also being mediated to insignificance in this country... The way to the pauperisation of the population is the police state... The rest of the EU should heed the Greek guinea-pig's trials as a warning... This is the New European Democracy. Human rights are but a secondary concern to doctrinaire fiscal policy. Ms.Merkel, Mr.Trichet this is your police force. But beware, even they are enraged..