Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Happy new year

2004 > ?
It's been a while. I've been keeping off the computer screen for the holidays. But I'm back. This is an "Olympic year" in the city I'm living in (for better or worse) and also an election year (with new clowns running for directors of our little circus), sooner rather than later we discovered today... Please note that the two (politically converging) "big" parties will be headed by the grandson and son of past prime ministers on the one side, and by the nephew of another prime minister on the other. Indeed the current match-up (Constantinos Karamanlis vs. Georgios Papandreou) is a carbon copy of the electorial showdowns of the (pre-junta) 60s. I guess it's another case of history repeating itself as a farce.
Oh, and after the elections we will be asked to vote again in June for the Euro-parliament, a vote that seems less important, but in reality is becoming increasingly crucial.

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