Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The Berg video

/ terror / slaughter / or what?
The first time I saw the Berg decapitation video, I didn't really see the video. I cringed, looked away, turned down the volume when the scream was heard and pretended I saw the whole thing. Then I read Mark Ames' article linked above and I had to see it again. I did. It wasn't pretty - but the thing that struck me was the victim's passiveness. He just sat there and was slaughtered without a fight. Then those screams seem totally unconnected to the video... it started me looking around to see what's the word on the web:
As Ames notes there are major questions with the official story. Rense lists them all, but let me highlight a few here:
  • The perpetrator doesn't seem to be Zarqawi, because he doesn't talk like Zarqawi and he doesn't limp like Zarqawi is supposed to.

  • Zarqawi was supposed to be dead anyway.

  • Berg had personally known Moussaoui(!), one of the 9/11 hijackers.

  • Then there's the question of the lack of massive bleeding.

  • I don't even want to touch (much less endorse at this point) more uncertain matters such as the chair (the type is common of course), or the more challenging conclusions, but can someone tell me what the hell was that we saw? Because it certainly isn't what they say it is...

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