Monday, July 19, 2004

A Call for Sudan

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The Sudan/Darfour atrocities definitely not getting enough attention - the scale of the atrocities committed is enormous:

To date an estimated 30,000 people (primarily from the Fur, Masalit, and Zaghawa tribes) have been killed and further 1.5 million have been sent packing from their homes (mainly across the border into mine-strewn Chad where blood-thirsty militia men have been known to pursue them. As a result 31,000 Sudanese refugees have been moved deeper into eastern Chad) [6]. The Christian Science Monitor estimates that 350,000 will die before the end of this year and according to the International Crisis Group, Darfur represents the “potential horror story of 2004”

David Nally, the author of the linked article, minces no words about this:

The analogy with the Holocaust is neither casual nor superficial — especially by those who know something about these things. While members of the international community agonise over whether terms such as “genocide” and “ethnic-cleansing” (or the more self-congratulatory phrase “democide”) are suitable for the mass murders in Darfur, the Holocaust centres in London and Washington briefly closed in late June to indicate their solidarity with the victims [13]. "They say they don't want to see black skin on this land again," said Issa Bushara, whose brother and cousin were murdered in front of their families during an attack by the Janjaweed militia.

The reports of mass rapes are hair-raising, as this victims testimony suggests:

"They followed us when we tried to escape. The group of people I was with was forced back to Kaileck. They had surrounded the whole town."

"They separated men and women. Then the Janjaweed selected the prettiest women."

"Four men raped me for 10 days."

"Every day, women were picked up, taken to the bush where they were raped and brought back to Kaileck. The next day it would start again."

Apparently some (a very few) members of the militia are facing some sort of justice, but I fear it's mostly for show.

You can help through your local Red Cross or the UNHCR, or whichever aid agency you prefer.

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talos said...

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Over a million people, driven from their homes, now face death from starvation and disease as the Government and militias deliberately try to prevent humanitarian aid from reaching them. The same forces continue to murder, rape and terrorise; and destroy the people of Darfur's villages and crops, and poison water their supplies.

This site's sole purpose is to try to save lives by helping stop the genocide in Darfur.

It empowers you to take smart, strategic actions to compel those in power to act. It also provides access to the best, most relevant and most upto date information available.

The situation in Darfur is dire. The choice we face simple. Act now to help save lives and stop the genocide, or watch as another chapter of injustice, cruelty and tragedy gets added to human history for us to read about and regret. Regretting won't stop the terror. It won't bring back the dead, nor comfort those left behind.

2004-07-21 21:35

Thank you… this is definitely a worthy cause if there ever is one… I think a UN mandated peacekeeping force as in Sierra Leone, and the immediate dispatch of UN observers in the country - with strong African participation - would go a long way in stopping the massacre.

2004-07-22 01:54