Friday, December 17, 2004

Why Does No One Care That The World’s Worst Conflict Has Broken Out Again?

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George Monbiot, is among the few noticing an apparently rather uninteresting piece of news:
"...On Sunday the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), already responsible for 3.8 million deaths, started again. If you missed it, you're in good company.
The Rwandan army appears to have crossed back into north-eastern DRC. Rival factions of the Congolese army - some of them loyal to Rwanda - have started fighting each other. As usual, it's the civilians who are being killed - and raped and tortured and forced to flee into the forest. Last week, before the fighting resumed, the International Rescue Committee reported that over 1000 people a day are still dying from disease and malnutrition caused by the last conflict. Nearly half of them are children under five..."

What was still just a threat a few months ago, is seeming inevitable now, as the situation is getting rapidly out of hand as events unfold.

Again I ask, why does no one care about anything that's happenning in Africa, unless it's part of some agenda? This situation, although of incredible brutality, seems to bother no one. Is this a racism inbuilt in the media, in popular perception, what? Imagine if 3.8 million people were killed in a war anywhere else on the planet, what the coverage would be. Or even whether a war with such a toll would be possible anywhere else on the planet.

Might the blogosphere I wonder, break the pattern and be bothered to give a damn? Because that might - just might - help in turning some attention to the massacre, or making the "international community" a tiny fraction more interested.

On a related note: Africa needs a Marshal Plan.

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