Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"The Iraqi resistance is a popular resistance

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"ON MARCH 19 LAST YEAR, the eve of the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, thousands of Shia Iraqis marched down from their mosque in Khadamiya district in Baghdad, passed a US military base, and crossed the Tigris river to meet thousands of Sunni Iraqis who were also marching towards their direction from their own mosque in another district.

The show of unity was organized by groups behind the Iraqi National Foundation Congress (INFC), a broad coalition of Iraqi political forces, which some see as a possible nucleus for the emergence of a united front against the occupation. Founded in May this year, the INFC is an umbrella group that includes leftists, nationalists, and Islamists from various tendencies who opposed Saddam’s regime and who refused to be part of any US-installed political body. Membership in the Congress is open to all who subscribe to its minimum bases of unity: an unequivocal call for the withdrawal of occupation troops and opposition to any possible division of Iraq’s territory and people on religious or sectarian basis..."

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