Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Malcom X vs. Condi Rice

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The exile compiles a list of quotes, that provide an illuminating interpretation of some of the things Condi Rice has said, regarding the New Orleans disaster and the Bush administration. Malcolm X, I'm sure, would approve of this juxtaposition of perspectives...

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kkk said...

Hm, Fair point, but I don't know if you can still count on the old "house nigger" / "field nigger" equation.

Anyway, you wouldn't exactly say that Malcolm X was short of a chip or two on his shoulder, would you? Not my choice for a balanced viewpoint anyway, no more than Condi in reverse, for sure.

Anyway, I think there's a third type of nigger, "neo-middle-class nigger". First faint showings appeared in something called the Cosby Show, which some may remember, but really came into swing with "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" you know, the one where Will Smith gets sent to live with that well off black LA family that has a black butler, from England, don't you know, I say, what, called Geoffrey, if memory serves.

I must say I initially found the notion repugnant, but later it came to amuse me. Sadly, I am not averse to the odd racist joke and this was primo material.

However, I think a lot of American blacks aspire to this kind of thing (witness the popularity of these shows) and I would certainly not lump them with either Malcolm X or Condoleeza Rice. An unhappy mixture of the two, perhaps? But I don't think that covers it either.

I think it's just poor folks made good, and they AIN'T going back!!
Indians, Greeks, Jews, would be exactly the same. You know some of them... Having to consider their "roots" is just a bit too painful, still, and will be for a couple of generations to come.

When you see Black American folk caring for Africa, you can be sure that they won't be far off caring for LA. But I ain't holding my breath just yet...