Friday, December 2, 2005

Comment problems

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Well I turned on the moderation, but forgot to insert a notification email, thinking that this would happen automatically. Not very clever eh?

The comments are fixed and the ones sent recently published, moderation is off - and sorry about the inconvenience.


Renegade Eye said...

Google has something called Google Page Rank. The more people who link to you, or mention your blog, the higher the number.


Your blog has a 5 rating, mine a 4, and is an 8.

My way of moderating is if I don't want something, just delete it.


Intrepid said...

Dear Histologion,
Your site came in 5th this month on our European & world blog ranking system. To see the rankings go to

Keep up the hard work and someone is paying attention,

PS- For our site's visitors would you please fill out our political questionnaire?

beatroot said...

Hi. I see your blog got the same email as I did from 'intrepid'. Do you know anythung about these people? And have you been placed - like I have - in 'conservative' blogs?

Yours is a good blog. though!