Thursday, January 5, 2006

More on the Pakistani abductions in Athens (part IV)

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The abduction story is still developing. Today the Athens daily Eleftherotypia has published a photo of Nicholas Langman, the alleged MI6 station chief, from his participation in the Athens Marathon a couple of months ago- he finished 801st among men - not bad for his age eh? This is causing further embarrassment for the Greek government which insists that nothing happened. Ever.

The Eleftherotypia article (quickly translated and edited for brevity):

Athens chief prosecutor Dimitris Papangelopoulos, is in possession of the photo and intends to call all the Pakistanis involved to identify or not the "white-haired person", as the man is described in their lengthy testimonies.

The British official who is alleged to have headed the interrogations, was always driving around in a Green Cherokee with a "black' driver...

The abductees lawyer requested officially to have the Greek Intelligence Services make available to the prosecutor's office, "photos and license plates of the automobiles involved". The request notes that according to sources "during the abduction and transport of the Pakistanis from Ioannina to Athens apart from the British agents car (driven by a black Briton), there were five cars with conventional license plates, in which a Pakistani was held handcuffed to the car's door...

This document was submitted to the prosecutor's office by F.Ragoussis representing Chodry Giulnawaz Ahmed, Mohammad Munir, Azhar Nehmood, Khizar Hayat and Shoukat Nawaz.

Up to now, 18 witnesses, immigrant and local, have testified. This includes Greek employers. who have confirmed that they found their employees rooms in disarray after their abductions. All testimonies concur that the interrogators asked the immigrants about phone-calls they had placed to friends and relatives in London. The immigrants' cell phones were on during their captivity, obviously to identify those that were calling them.

The prosecutor of Greece's Upper Court (Arios Pagos) is being kept informed regarding the inquiries, and is attempting to tread carefully through the case, along with Mr. Papangelopoulos, since gathering information from the EYP (the Greek Intelligence Service) is problematic according to existing laws.

Soon Korantis, the head of EYP, will be called to testify, a person who, due to his diplomatic background, is considered as a very credible witness and institutionally accessible to the prosecuting authorities...

Meanwhile leaks from unnamed British officials admit to the MI6 officers presence (and thus concede that the "interrogation" has indeed happened), while the Pakistani victims have given a press conference (organized by anti-racist groups) where they gave details about their mistreatment (the title is utterly misleading and contrary to what the article actually says, brilliant eh?)...

Finally, in the taking-care-of-any-such-future-embarrassment department a new law is expected to be submitted for approval in the Greek Parliament that will severely penalize the outing of EYP agents, expand its authority and make testimony from EYP agents to courts impossible without written authorization from the Public Order Ministry.

Also the full text of the Proto Thema article, that first uncovered the British and Greek agents' names, is now posted translated in indymedia (click on the orange letters under the article, next to an indymedia logo)

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