Friday, June 15, 2012

Merkel and Schauble: The thin line between economic policy and crimes against humanity

I have really huge sympathy for the man on the street in Greece. But I cannot spare him
Wolfgang Schaeuble

From the Digital Journal article linked to above:

Speaking to the German press Merkel said "the austerity imposed on Athens..." is "necessary to set an example to the entire eurozone.... The question of whether Greece carries out its programme is not just a question of whether the programme succeeds or not, but rather of whether obligations will be observed in Europe in future."
The sentiment was reiterated by Schäuble. The Telegraph reported he said although he has sympathy for the people of Greece that does not mean they don't have to put up with austerity. He said "Things are rarely fair in a crisis ... the little man suffers and the rich feather their own nests. I have really huge sympathy for the man on the street in Greece. But I cannot spare him. It is not easy to cut the minimum wage in Greece, when you think of the many people who own a yacht... If the country wants to become competitive again, it has to sink.”
So this is not by accident, nor is this. It's all premeditated.
As far as I can see this can be easily filed under "inhumane acts... intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health", as policy... This is no Europe worth participating in, it is the mad austerians' penal colony... 
So on Sunday it's SYRIZA or barbarism. I would stand on a bread-line and walk 10 miles to work every day if it means telling these vile, cynical bastards and the local plutocracy that they are working with to fuck off and die.

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