Monday, September 15, 2003

Desperation: More immigrants die trying to cross the Greek border

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This is one in a series of many such tragedies occuring with an alarming frequency. Greece is now home to (probably) close to a million immigrants... half of whom have not even applied for the Green Card.
"Metoikos" [pdf document], is a new publication for the immigrant communities in Athens. It contains some interesting (but sanitized I suspect) stories from immigrants. It is funded by the ministry of Labour and the EU [I'll whine about the participants in these sort of "pro-immigrant actions", and the value they "contribute" to such projects, in my Greek blog where the audience is more accustomed to semi-conspiratorial government/corporate corruption charges (because they're true!) against the current "Socialist" scoundrels]. The EU is also funding this badly designed and architected "Migrants in Greece" website. Which at least has a functioning and regularly updated index of immigration related news in both Greek and English.

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