Monday, September 8, 2003

From Ha'aretz: fatality statistics

"Here are the disastrous proportions, in the hope that someone in Israel will take notice: 80 percent of the Palestinians killed were not connected to armed actions."
From award winning Israeli journalist Amira Haas, a shining example of journalism unperturbed and unhazed by narrow (very narrow) "national interest". When this sad story of blood, occupation and tears is over, Amira Haas will be one of the true heroes of Israel and indeed of real journalism world-wide. She is, as this accolade from Palestine Media Watch mentions:
the only journalist that we know of who has actually done what any serious foreign correspondent covering a region does -- moved and lives in the place that she is covering, the West Bank (having done the same for Gaza).
Might I also add that Haaretz's english edition is probably among the most trustworthy sources of news in the region.

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