Monday, January 24, 2005

Does this look like a blog deserving wider recognition?

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The really nice folks over at A Fistful of Euros, have decided to nominate this insignificant radical's rather humble weblog in two (well not major but c'mon... what did you expect?) categories of the Satin Pajama - European Weblog Awards, namely "Weblog Most Deserving of Wider Recognition" and "Best Southeastern European Weblog". Both categories feature blogs run by people more deserving and erudite than me - but I probably have the blog "farthest to the left" among the blogs nominated by the nice, civilized, moderate (more or less) crowd at AFOE (a close call with DoDo's I think). This is due to the elaborate facade of gentleness that I have, over the years, cultivated to disguise the my inner violent Netchayevist and my revolutionary fervor.

Well, the voting starts today, I'm confident that if you browse through the nominees you'll find some great blogs. Go vote - although if awards changed the world they'd be illegal, wouldn't they?

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