Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Gusinsky held in Athens

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This is a rather convoluted story. Russian ex-oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky (Gazprom magnate and Media-Most owner), after rubbing Putin the wrong way was relieved of his ownership of NTV by the Russian government. He fled the country, was arrested in Spain where the judges refused to extradite him to Russia.
Two days ago he was arrested in Athens on an interpol warrant. The Russian government, after being officially informed of Gusinsky's arrest, is again requesting his extradition, although if the Greek daily "Eleftherotypia" is to be believed, not with too much fervour [linked article is in Greek]. The same article claims that the Greek government is under pressure from US and Israeli circles (Gusinsky is an Israeli citizen, and has other ties with the country) to release him.
No one has any clue as to what Gusinsky was doing in Greece.
[Update Aug. 27. Greek newspaper Ta Nea, has published a letter from Rep. (D) Tom Lantos adressed to Greek Foreign Minister G. Papandreou, expressing "concern" about his "good friend Vladimir Gussinsky" and pretty much requesting his release...]
[Udate Aug. 29. VG is, as expected released on bail...]

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