Monday, August 25, 2003

Now No One is Safe

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Robert Fisk provides his insight on the attacks against the UN HQs in Baghdad, and on "Why the US Needs to Blame Anyone But Locals". Relevant articles from Counterpunch: Marjorie Cohn and Virginia Tilley.

In the meantime stay tuned to what's happenning in Iraq with some local perspective (sadly missing from western media reporting) provided by Salam Pax (related photoblog), Riverbend, Gee, (also see Gee's photoblog).
Salam Pax recommends Iraq Today, for daily english language news from Iraq. I visit Occupation Watch for more of the same. Oh, and I can't recommend Christopher Allbritton's Back In Iraq 2.0 enough.
The Intelligence Squad has a few intelligent things to say about the Iraq debacle as well...
Last but not least: John Pilger has a few unkind yet justified things to say about the occupation forces.

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