Thursday, September 4, 2003

Have you forgotten?

iraq > occupation
A forceful piece from Riverbend's blog in Baghdad. The perfect andidote for Fox News idiocies, Bremer's invaders and warmongers cheering the "liberators".

...I remember February 13, 1991. I remember the missiles dropped on Al-Amriyah shelter- a civilian bomb shelter in a populated, residential area in Baghdad. Bombs so sophisticated, that the first one drilled through to the heart of the shelter and the second one exploded inside. The shelter was full of women and children- boys over the age of 15 weren’t allowed. I remember watching images of horrified people clinging to the fence circling the shelter, crying, screaming, begging to know what had happened to a daughter, a mother, a son, a family that had been seeking protection within the shelter’s walls...
[Update, Sept. 5: I have, with riverbend's permission translated this post of hers in Greek and it is already up at the Greek Histologion.]

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