Friday, September 26, 2003

In Memoriam: Edward Said 1935-2003

Edward Said died yesterday, September 25, 2003
The piece linked above is an autobiographical essay written by Said in 1998.
A great writer, fighter and human being passed away. It is the sort of loss that hurts even more in these circumstances of an attack unprecedented in its ferocity and shamelessness against the Palestinian people, and the tragedy of the Middle East.
Below, as a tiny web tribute are links to material about him and by him:
The Edward Said archive
Dreams and Delusions: his last published article.
Archaeology of the roadmap: Said's assessment of the "roadmap".
The only alternative: a statement of vision.
A window on the world: "...humanism is the only, and I would go as far as to say the final resistance we have against the inhuman practices and injustices that disfigure human history."
Audio and Video of Said's lecture on the tragedy of Palestine.
  • Ali Abunimah

  • Mustafa Barghouthi

  • Mickey Z

  • Remembering Edward Said: the Electronic Intifada

  • Alexander Cockburn: "A Mighty and Passionate Heart"

  • Nigel Parry: "Permission to narrate: Edward Said, Palestine, and the Internet"

  • The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

  • George Naggiar:"The Beautiful Mind of Edward Said"

  • Robert Fisk: "Palestinian, intellectual, and fighter, Edward Said rails against Arafat and Sharon to his dying breath"

  • Michael Brown: "Edward Said: 'I've Been to the Mountaintop'"

  • In the news:
  • Kofi Annan mourns death of Edward Said

  • The Guardian: World-renowned scholar Edward Said dies

  • Palestinians, Israelis, remember Edward Said

  • Finally: Said's obituary from Ha'aretz.

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