Thursday, April 29, 2004

Atrocities in Sudan

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The reason you don't hear much about it is because it's in Africa... The enormity of what is happenning should be front page news everywhere...

"The first sign is the ominous drone of a plane. Ageing Russian Antonovs sweep over the remote Sudanese village, dispatching their deadly payload of crude barrel bombs. They explode among the straw-roofed huts, sending terrified families scurrying for safety - but there is none.
Next comes the Janjaweed, a fearsome Arab militia mounted on camels and horses, and armed with AK-47 rifles and whips. They murder the men and boys of fighting age, gang-rape the women - sometimes in front of their families - and burn the houses. The villagers' cattle are stolen, their modest possessions carted off..."

My only quibble with the story is the dichotomy between Arabs and "black Africans", implying some sort of racial dividing line... in Sudan you have black African Arabs as well...

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