Tuesday, April 20, 2004

So we killed a few hundred civilians... Big Deal!

USA / apparat / Pravda
No, seriously... FAIR reports that the CNN anchor had the following to ask while interviewing Al Jazeera's editor-in-chief, about Al-Jazeera's coverage of the massacre in Fallujah:

"Isn't the story, though, bigger than just the simple numbers, with all due respect to the Iraqi civilians who have lost their lives-- the story bigger than just the numbers of people who were killed or the fact that they might have been killed by the U.S. military, that the insurgents, the people trying to cause problems within Fallujah, are mixing in among the civilians, making it actually possibly that even more civilians would be killed, that the story is what the Iraqi insurgents are doing, in addition to what is the response from the U.S. military?"

This is pure, Soviet era Pravda style... There is no Al Jazeera journalist that would ask a similarly doubleplusgood kind of question to an American journalist. CNN is rapidly turning into Fox-news: Soviet style propaganda by indoctrinated minions that pass for journalists...

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talos said...

old commentsDerek:

A man uses his child as a human sheild why he attacks the police. His son is shot a killed by the police. Who is responcible, the police that defended themselves, or the man who carred so little for his son's life that he used him as a tool of death.

I ask you now, who is responsible for the child's death?


2004-04-20 06:39

Both. If it can be demostrated that the police took no measures to protect the child's life.
In this case however the people in Fallujah are the locals, it's more like a man fighting along with his child against mobsters in the process of a home invasion.
The Nazis here in Greece were warning that they were going to kill 100 civilians for every soldier the resistance killed. They were claiming that thus it was the resistance's fault for the executions.
Similarly the resistance against the Nazi occupation hid among the population. This has been the case in East Timor, in Western Sahara, in Sudan, in Algeria's anti-colonial struggle, everywhere there there ever was resistance to a foreign occupation. It's a historical fact.

Another example (although the US troops are far from being a legitimate authority). A kidnapper holds hostages in a building. The police bombs the building, killing all inside. Wouldn't you agree that the police's action is criminal as well

2004-04-20 16:13