Thursday, November 11, 2004

Come and spend this night in Fallujah

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"The man who said these words, and many like them is Falluja's most famous "Maddah" or traditional Sufi singer, Salah Hesham al-Janabi, one of the most revered men in the community, on the run from US forces."
The link includes two (huge ~15) wma files, of the above and one more of al Janabi's songs. This is the extremely interesting article by Charles Clover referred to in the linked page, which claims that "Al-Janabi's songs and video are the closest thing to a public statement that Iraq's resistance has yet made. For the first time they have a face and a message, and an ideology of sorts. It is not a political manifesto, more like a jazz improvisation, but in 66 minutes of the CD one can learn a surprising amount about the resistance as a movement - who it is, and what its goals are".

The link taken from the Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation (IDAO) website, "a group of progressive Iraqi activists who have been involved since 1991 in the committee of IRAQI DEMOCRATS AGAINST WAR AND SANCTIONS. The formation of IDAO is in recognition of the new political situation inflected on our country, and will continue the campaign of solidarity with the Iraqi people in their struggle to end the illegal military occupation and to build a free, democratic and united Iraq".

Anti-Saddam, anti-sanctions and anti-occupation...
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talos said...

old commentsDavid Tiley:

Boy, you have tucked your fins into your sides and just taken off in the last few months.

There's something distinctly Greek about this stuff, from my perspective deep in the Australian echochamber.

"U.S. Marines swept through a last rebel redoubt on Sunday in a southern quarter of the city that they see as a bastion for foreign fighters loyal to al Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

"These are pretty diehard. These people down there are not sniping or firing, but waiting in their defences for the Marines coming to their buildings. That's when they open fire," Marine Colonel Mike Shupp told Reuters at the hospital.

A Reuters correspondent who drove through the city saw utter destruction. Bodies lay in the streets. Homes were smashed, mosques ruined, and power and telephone lines hung uselessly.

Shupp said the Red Crescent did not need to deliver aid to civilians in Falluja and questioned whether there were any.

"There is no need to bring supplies in because we have supplies of our own for the people. Now that the bridge is open, I will bring out casualties and all aid work can be done here."

Shupp said he had not heard of any Iraqi civilians being trapped inside the city and did not think that was the case." - Reuters, today.

- http://www.reuter…

2004-11-15 03:47
David Tiley:

I intended the above to support what you have to say - I got cut off..

Not just religious maniacs, but maniacs who believe there are no civilians there…

"Hue" mean anything to you?

2004-11-15 04:03

Yes, its impressive, isn't it? There are no civilians because anyone remaining in Falluah cannot be a civilian by definition… Rather the spawn of Satan I gather… Talk about a clash of fundamentalisms…

2004-11-15 12:38