Friday, May 12, 2006

ESF demo Athens, May 6 2006

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Thomas, of Anatomy of Melancholy, has posted in flickr some photos from the ESF demonstration.

I note that we've put up quite a team. An American striker (move over Eto'o):

And a French french midfielder:

Anyway the March last week was quite impressive, all things considered, especially since the police and the media were preparing for and announcing this as if it were the arrival of Attila's hordes. The number of participants was around 40.000 I'd figure, possibly more, because the march seemed to diffuse around the whole area. Included in the march, but ignored by the corporate media, were representatives of the Stray Dog Liberation Front of Athens:

[from nkdx's collection]

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Renegade Eye said...

Cool post. You're going with team Chomsky? I heard they're playing team Hitchens.