Monday, November 27, 2006

The 1956 Hungarian Revolution - by DoDo

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DoDo (owner of the lately inactive Manic Net Preacher, inter alia) has completed his "1956 Hungarian revolution" series over at the European Tribune, offering an excellent acount of the events of half a century ago, their context and their aftermath.

It's an exemplary article, and if somewhere, someone, is thinking about an award for "Best Historical Blog Post of 2006", or something, this should be a major contender.


  • Prelude (communism in Hungary and the forces behind the revolution)

  • Outbreak (the turbulent events of 23 October)

  • Turmoil (the hectic events in the next twelve days)

  • Fighting (the final losing battle against the Soviet tanks and its background)

  • Personal Memories (eyewitness accounts from DoDo's relatives)

  • Aftermath (what happened to the country and the people, and what role did its memory play later)

    Renegade Eye said...

    The Hungarian Uprising was put down by Stalinists in Russia, and the silence of the west.

    I didn't read the whole post, but I'm bookmarking it.

    DoDo said...

    Thanks for the plug!

    I note I have been asked to re-post the series at Progressive Historians (one-a-day), in the course of which, I made corrections and re-phrasings to the original ET diaries. I just did so with the one covering what renegade eye writes (the fourth diary), especially the part on the West that upon my re-reading sounded too lenient on them (though it wasn't meant to be).