Friday, August 8, 2003

Cultural Relativism: a foe of Critical Thought

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A member of the Worker-communist Party of Iran publishes scathing critiques of Political Islam and is banned from the listserv by pseudo-liberal wankers in Canada (not her first clash with such opinions though), thus exposing a major weakness of the multi-cultural approach: it becomes an apologetic for authoritarianism as it sees "other cultures" as static and unitary, contradictionless. This way they become defenders of every form of conservatism, backwardness and, of course, authoritarian political power and economic interests that hide behind the "traditionalist" mask. Note the rationale behind the decision:

"This article is in direct response to the Canadian Council for Refugees' decision to ban me from their e-mail listserv because my writings... critiquing Islam and political Islam were alleged to 'denigrate a whole group of people' and 'could encourage a level of intolerance against all Muslim people'."

The Worker-communist Parties of Iran and Iraq, are, from what I gather, Trotskyite or Trotskyite leaning groups (like the Socialist Worker in Britain or SEK in Greece), that are fiercly secular and anti-occupation, although from what I understand they are not advocating armed resistance in Iraq yet, but rather political action. Their rhetoric and analysis is, needless to say (think SEK), outlandish but they are certainly groups that seem to have their heart in the right place.
They are not to be confused with the "orthodox" (although de-stalinified) communist parties of Iraq and Iran (which are secular as well of course).

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