Monday, August 25, 2003

Red Wine and Olive Oil are good for you

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Heh, yet another scientific study extolls the virtues of the Meditteranean diet.
From the BBC story:

The scientists, from Harvard Medical School and Biomol research laboratory in Philadelphia, have identified resveratrol as the key ingredient in red wine.
This molecule is abundant in red wine. It gives red wine its anti-cancer and anti-heart disease properties. They have found that this molecule can influence genes that have been linked to lifespan in yeast.
They found that quercetin, which is abundant in olive oil, has a similar effect.
In particular, they affect those genes that have been shown to extend life as a result of a calorie-restricted diet by enabling cells to live longer.
In the case of resveratrol it was found to extend the life of some yeast cells by as much as 70%.

Judging by the quantities of red wine I have recently consumed (and just wait til they start studying raki) I'm going to live 70% longer then expected (hey that's what? an extra month?)... Damn. I knew I shouldn't have quit smoking.

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