Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Near Sci-Fi

/ physics / meets / fiction/

Three things you've read about, are not as fictitious as you might have thought:

- Invisibility shield! - well almost: "the concept as it stands is "no magic cloak", because it would have to be delicately tuned to suit each different object it hides. Perhaps even more of a drawback, he points out, is the fact that a particular shield only works for one specific wavelength of light.
An object might be made invisible in red light, say, but not in multiwavelength daylight.
And crucially, the effect only works when the wavelength of the light being scattered is roughly the same size as the object. So shielding from visible light would be possible only for microscopic objects; larger ones could be hidden only to long-wavelength radiation such as microwaves. This means that the technology could not be used to hide people or vehicles from human vision."

- Teleportation (US Air Force research!): "Contemporary physics, as well as theories that presently challenge the current physics paradigm were investigated. The author identified and proposed two unique physics models for teleportation that are based on the manipulation of either the general relativistic spacetime metric or the spacetime vacuum electromagnetic (zero-point fluctuations) parameters. Naturally occurring anomalous teleportation phenomena that were previously studied by the United States and foreign governments were also documented in the study and are reviewed in the report. The author proposes an additional model for teleportation that is based on a combination of the experimental results from the previous government studies and advanced physics concepts."

- Life on Mars? "Formaldehyde has been found in the martian atmosphere, according to a senior scientist working with the Mars Express orbiter. If correct, the discovery provides strong evidence that Mars is either extremely geologically active, or harbouring colonies of microbial life. But many experts are not yet convinced."
See also: Seas of Mars.


lazopolis said...

I am surprised that they didn't investigate the possibility of using a high energy Higgs shotgun for teleportation. Actually, if these guys in US air force have money to spend on teleportation through spacetime manipulation, i wonder, should I make a Higgs shotgun proposal?

talos said...

lazopolis: 1. Yes make the proposal! They have a section on Psychokinetic TP, based on the work of Puthoff and Targ, who, if I'm not mistaken, were supporters of Uri Geller - and thoroughly debunked by the likes of James Randi. Whatever you're proposing is bound to have a better connection with reality...
2. What's a Higgs shotgun? I know what the Higgs particle is, and I know what a shotgun is but how can a "Higgs shotgun" be used for teleportation? (if you can spare the time to explain of course!)