Tuesday, March 8, 2005

News of the day

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  • Huge Pro-Syrian demonstration, larger than the anti-Syrian demonstrations of the past few days take place in Beirut. To the shock, I assume, of assorted pundits who apparently were unaware of the very sectarian nature of Lebanese politics and attitudes towards Syria.

  • Maskhadov killed by Russian troops in Chechnya. Bad news for any hope of political settlement as this leaves Basayev as the heir apparent to the leadership of the Chechen resistance. Maskhadov's last interview.

  • Haradinaj charged with war crimes. Kosovo's prime minister is finally charged with war crimes. The UN authorities are very worried about possible unrest. Possibly a first step to pacify the Serbs. Next step will be the floating of proposal for independence of the province (if things don't blow up in the mean time)

  • Update on the Giuliana Sgrena story: Differing accounts.

    talos said...

    Well, apparently I've been chided about the quickness to attribute to Basayev the title of heir apparent.

    Jesus... miss a link and before you know it you're accused of playing the armchair pundit! Anyway the phrase "heir apparent" should have been a link to this Al Jazeera story, which states the following:

    "With Maskhadov gone, Basayev – who has claimed responsibility for attacks like on the Moscow's theatre and the Beslan school siege that together left nearly 500 people dead – is likely to assume the post of Chechnya's rebel leader."

    So you see, about stuff I know *very* little about (such as the internal balance of the Chechen resistance), I just link to viewpoints, I don't make 'em.

    Anonymous said...

    Following the Haradinaj story with interest -- will try to post something later.

    My wife made a post on Sgrena over at aFoE yesterday. Scroll down the comments for the PoV of a recent American returnee from Iraq. Jim Henley over at Unqualified Offerings has some good thoughts and links (several of them, scroll down over the last couple of days.)

    Doug M.