Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Slovenia arrests possible war criminal - the UN scrambles for his release

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So this guy, a Croatian general of Albanian ethnicity, who was seriously involved in the ethnic cleansing of the Serbs from the Krajina, a NATO ally, and who went on to become capo di tutti capi of the KLA in Kosovo, a UN empoyee and a key perpetrator of acts of terror around the region, was arrested in Slovenia on a Serbian government warrant. So what does the UN mission to Kosovo (which oversaw the KLA's ethnic cleansing of over 200.000 Serbs, Jews, Roma and non-Albanian Moslems from Kosovo) do? This:

"A source at the UN mission in Kosovo (Unmik), which has been governing the mainly Albanian province since Serbia withdrew in 1999 after a Nato bombing campaign, said it seemed that Mr Ceku had been arrested on the basis of an 'old' warrant.
'Unmik is working to resolve this problem with the Slovenian authorities,' the source told Reuters news agency.

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