Friday, October 24, 2003

Yet more polling data from Iraq

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This from the "Iraq Center for Research and Strategic Studies":

"Just under half those polled (47.2 percent) told interviewers they had considered the coalition forces to be either liberation forces or peacekeepers when they first arrived, but only 19 percent said they still hold that view.
About 46 percent said they felt less safe personally than they did three months ago, while only 23 percent said personal safety was getting better."

Older surveys (August 2003) have shown anyway that:

"Fewer then a third of Iraqis believe the armed attacks against coalition forces in their country are attributable to former Ba'ath party operatives turned guerrilla, as US officials suggest, a public opinion survey suggests.
The study reveals scepticism among Iraqis at the US-led coalition's version of the postwar violence, which US General John Abizaid likened to a "classical guerrilla campaign" in remarks last month."

Meanwhile, yet other polls suggest that the image of the Governing Council seems to be improving.

Finally, as far as occupation polling is concerned, Richard Burkholder, director of international polling for the Gallup Organization, talks about his experiences in Baghdad.

In other Occupation news, "thieves" can now be added to the other epithets used for the description of the Occupation Authority.

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