Saturday, February 7, 2004

Colombian rebels beat path to Peru

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A brief recap from South America, where FARC members are seeping over to neighbouring countries and recruiting people and the whole continent is in turmoil. I'm not complaining.

"The political situation in South America could not be better for the Marxist rebels of the 20,000-strong FARC.
Left wing governments and instability abound.
In Bolivia, the US-backed president was overthrown, and one of the fastest rising new politicians is vehemently anti-American and wants to legalise drug production.
Venezuela's president has been accused of supporting Colombia's guerrillas and is allied to America's old enemy, Fidel Castro of Cuba.
The presidents of Peru and Ecuador - both US allies - are facing low levels of support and street protests.
'Our time is coming,' said El Flaco, his eyes burning with fervour.
'The revolution will sweep through Latin America, and the gringos will be sent back home.' "

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