Thursday, February 12, 2004

Greek socialists and conservatives trade cadres as divisions fall

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"In one of the strangest twists in Greek politics in recent years, two former senior members of the New Democracy party, who were vilified by PASOK as the high priests of Greek Thatcherism, said yesterday that they were accepting the ruling Socialists' invitation for cooperation in the March 7 elections."

This isn't just a fluke either. This signifies the first time a growing trend in Europe is confirmed beyond the slightest doubt: The socialists are now visibly to the right of the Christian Democrats on issues concerning the economy. Both Manos and Andrianopoulos were indeed outspoken proponents of the most extreme neoliberalism.
The mutant Greek socialist X-men (probably the most corrupt political party in Europe) further transformed by their new leader - the heir to the throne of Papandreou - to a Lovecraftian monstrosity which one dreads to even lay eyes upon, are gathering a ragtag group of former leftists and staunch rightists in what can only be viewed as a coup against even the last remaining vestiges of political credibility in the country. The socialists can now be accurately described as the bastard offspring of an unholy union between Thatcher and Peron, with a chromosomal infusion of Hafez al-Assad for good measure.

The Carnival in Greece has officially begun.

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