Friday, February 27, 2004

ScienceDaily News Release: Researcher Successfully Vaccinates Some Patients Against Lung Cancer

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It seems that an effective vaccine treatment of an especially persistent form of lung cancer is in the works. I can think of quite a few smokers and ex-smokers who will be very happy.

Three patients with advanced stage lung cancer experienced complete remission of their disease lasting six months, 18 months and ongoing at 22 months. For two of these patients, prior treatment with chemotherapy had failed. One patient experienced a 30-percent decrease in the size of a lung nodule, and for seven patients, their disease remained stable and did not progress for a period ranging from almost five months to more than 28 months.

“These results are very promising for patients with non-small cell lung cancer, which is frequently resistant to chemotherapy,” Dr. Nemunaitis said. “We believe this study is the first time immune therapy has been the sole treatment associated with complete and durable regression of metastatic NSCLC lesions, particularly those lasting more than one year, as observed in two patients in our study.”

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