Friday, March 4, 2005

The last cold war prisoners: Free the Grenada 17!

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A couple of weeks ago, "a court in Grenada refused to release 17 men and women who have been held in prison on the island since 1983. These are the victims of a more-or-less forgotten US atrocity, the invasion of then socialist Grenada 22 years ago by armed forces of its enormous neighbour. This unprovoked attack brought to an end the rule of the People’s Revolutionary Government and an exciting attempt of a tiny nation to free itself from the bonds of colonialism and the legacy of slavery and exploitation..."

Amnesty International describes the Grenada 17 as possib;y the last cold war prisoners in a detailed report that provides much of the background to this story.

Also informative is the website for the campaign to realease the political prisoners, and the declassified documents pertaining to the story.

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