Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Lebanese views: Zogby International

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Well I stand, partially, corrected then... According to this Zogby poll in Lebanon although a large part of opinion in Lebanon is indeed explained by denomination, the picture is not as absolute as one would think. James Zogby (himself of Lebanese Maronite Christian descent, I think), has a very informative analysis and commentary about the poll results and the situation in Lebanon, which concludes with the following refreshing display of knowledgeable insight (as opposed to the tons of pretentious nonsense we've been bombarded with lately):

...The lesson in all of this is that as important as the demonstrations may be, those not demonstrating and their views must be factored by policy makers into the complex equation of how to move Lebanon forward. While it has become clear that the Syrian military presence in Lebanon has run its course, a Syrian withdrawal by itself doesn’t solve the Lebanon puzzle. Intense U.S. pressure to implement the other half of 1559 may provoke counter-demonstrations that fragile Lebanon may not be able to easily digest.

A cautionary note: before we begin celebrating falling dominos and claiming credit for them, it is important to know where they might fall and what might come after they land. [emphasis mine]

Update: Robert Fisk on the Recent pro-Syrian demonstrations.
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