Friday, March 25, 2005

Republican Lawsuit Driven Lysenkoism

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This boogles the mind, really. I thought it was a hoax, but no, here's the proposed bill on the Florida Senate website... This bill will allow students to sue their professors if they don't "respect" and cover their viewpoints... I don't think this can pass (surely?), but that this sort of thing is even attempted is rather worrying.
I blame this sort of thing on Ronald Reagan, he first legitimized idiocy in public office. This is the unavoidable result. Excerpt:

The bill sets a statewide standard that students cannot be punished for professing beliefs with which their professors disagree. Professors would also be advised to teach alternative “serious academic theories” that may disagree with their personal views.

According to a legislative staff analysis of the bill, the law would give students who think their beliefs are not being respected legal standing to sue professors and universities.

Students who believe their professor is singling them out for “public ridicule” – for instance, when professors use the Socratic method to force students to explain their theories in class – would also be given the right to sue.

“Some professors say, ‘Evolution is a fact. I don’t want to hear about Intelligent Design (a creationist theory), and if you don’t like it, there’s the door,’” Baxley said, citing one example when he thought a student should sue.

This Baxley fellow is the sponsor of the Bill, so he's using the above as a rational example...

The whole "spreading ignorance by lawsuit" mentality brought to you by the well-known deity of rabid wingnuttery: David Horowitz.

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